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New! Gua Sha Therapy

Gua Sha Therapy is a method of skin scraping with Jade massage tools to improve circulation in targeted areas. Gua Sha is intended to break up stagnant energy, called Chi, that may be responsible for inflammation. Scraping the skin helps break up that energy, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. $35

Oxygen Therapy 
In this altitude we have 33% less effective oxygen than at sea level, which can lead to altitude sickness with a plethora of symptoms. Oxygen concentration helps alleviate these symptoms and replace your blood oxygen supply. $35


Eye Brightening Treatment
Reduce puffiness, dark circles, and the appearance of fine lines with our cooling, oxygen, rosemary, aloe, and witch hazel infused under eye pads. Solution is then gently massaged around eyes. $30


Hydrating Shea Butter Body Mask
Quench your dry skin with this thick, emollient body mask. Enriched with shea butter, avocado oil, and an herbal blend to leave your dehydrated skin soft, silky, and supple. $30


CBD Muscle Cream
CBD, arnica, menthol, lidocaine, and camphor are blended into a chilling then warming medicinal ointment to increase circulation, penetrate deep, and provide pain relief on affected muscles. $30


Warm Oil Scalp Treatment
Warmed jojoba and essential oils are massaged into the scalp and hair to relieve headaches, dry scalp, brittle hair and give a deep sense of relaxation. $30


Silicone cups are used to improve circulation, assisting in myofascial release, detoxification, and muscle soreness relief through suction and movement in specific areas. $35


Warm Stone
Warmed, smooth river stones are glided over and massaged into muscles to melt your stress away. Wonderful for circulation and increasing blood flow. $35


Himalayan Salt Stone
Warmed himalayan salt stones are flowed over and massaged into muscles for an array of health benefits, including promoting healthy blood sugar, assisting in lowering blood pressure, supporting respiratory system, improving circulation and gentle exfoliation. $35

Heel and Foot Scrub

Sea Salt, almond, sunflower and essential oils are combined to slough off dead, rough, and dry skin from heels and feet. The mixture is then removed with warm steam towels to reveal soft, new skin. $30 (ask for this at appointment, cannot be added online)

Hand and Foot Deep Moisture Treatment

Warmed Shea Butter and essential oils are applied to hands and feet, and covered and heated with hand mitts and heated booties. The solution deeply penetrates to soften rough, dry skin. It is then gently massaged into hands and feet. $30 (ask for this at appointment, cannot be added online)

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